Federico Santamorena


📞 Skype: live:yatima1460


I live in Italy, near Rome. I did some years of computer science at university “La Sapienza” but dropped out because the education there is complete garbage and they don’t even teach C, C++, C#, or graphics in general.

So I decided to study by myself C, C++, C# and worked for two startups with Unity and then with Unreal Engine.

After that, I moved to GLSL, OpenGL, SDL on Linux (that I use daily on my PC).

I’ve made some projects during my free time like a Wolfenstein-like 3D engine from scratch in C with OpenGL 4.x and SDL 2.x supporting dynamic lightning with GLSL.


Youth Award for Science and Technology, Rotary Club - Rome, C++ Competition, 1st Place. (2013)

Spoken languages

Italian (native), English, a bit of Spanish

Summary of technologies

Main languages and frameworks, IDEs

Work Experience

ITC Consulting

Unity Developer, Rome, 2014

Development of a driving simulator in VR “SimDrive” using Unity Engine in C# and custom hardware to simulate the fake cockpit.


Sfera Productions

Unreal Developer, Rome, 2015 - 2018

Development of experiences in VR using Unreal Engine with headsets like Oculus DK2, HTC Vive, Cardboard, Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus CV1. Creation of additional plug-ins in C++ to extend the functionality of Unreal and manage the architecture of the code.


Personal Projects

Gestalt Engine

Engine written from scratch in C inspired by Wolfenstein, uses GLSL to render dynamic lightning, running on top of OpenGL 4.x (so logging is available), and SDL 2.x for easier multi-platform.

Full sprites support like in the original Wolfenstein, with partial level editor support and in-game console.


This was a necessity for my C Wolfenstein-like engine, there isn’t a real good C library for graphics.

CGLMath is a C library for OpenGL math aimed at readability and not performance.

With structs like Matrix4f, Quaternion, Vector3f, Vector4f

Full code is available on GitHub under GPLv2:



Software I wrote when I worked with the second startup with Unreal Engine, it’s an advanced Print String for Blueprint systems.

Full code is available on GitHub under GPLv2:



Utility to rotate recursively a matrix using MIPS RISC assembler



Software I wrote for Linux to search files on the PC in the fastest way possible, using multi-threading and clever crawling instead of slow indexing.

Full code is available on GitHub under GPLv2:


Stable release for Linux available here:


Protecc Earth-chan - Android

Fruit Ninja style game developed with Unreal, mainly as a test for Blueprint Nativization

Available on Play Store

Dungeon Legacy - Android

Reigns style game developed with Unreal to test how feasible was Unreal for completely 2D games

Available on Play Store

Work preferences and travel options

Besides the EU ID card I have a passport too so no problems for traveling.

I would prefer a job in progressive countries like Canada, France, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, or generally all the northern EU countries.

About C/C++ better if related to graphic engines and/or Linux because that’s what I worked with until now, I’ve also a bit of experience with multithreading because of my project Drill; main topics I like are graphics and low-level programming, I did a bit of RISC assembly during university and liked it a lot; I’m neutral about other topics, the only real usage of C++ I strongly dislike is Qt UI programming.

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